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Buoth Translator---More convenient to use

At present, because people's requirements are higher, and the rapid advancement of technology has emerged, we don't need to find an interpreter when we go out for a trip. With a Buoth translator, we can communicate with people from other countries at will. 

Its appearance is not very high-end, but its functional aspects are still very powerful. The route it takes is practical, not appearance. In its construction, the upper part is an electronic screen that is used to display some languages; the lower part is some buttons that can be used to manipulate it.

 First of all, it can be translated by WIFI. After the connection, you can use the function of online translation, which means that you only need to read the content to it, and you can immediately translate it into the language you want. It's not just English, it can translate the language of many countries. It has a powerful database inside, it contains the common language of various countries, and can understand the dialects of various places.

  As long as you switch to the dialect mode, you can use it, because there are many people who may not speak Mandarin. Because the previous educational resources are limited, many people in small places do not speak Mandarin or Mandarin. On the basis of some hometown accents, but these are not difficult for the translator, as long as the language included in its small brain, it can be identified, using a powerful search function.





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