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【Exhibition Review】Company BUOTH's 2019 HK Electronics Show was completed

Shenzhen Buoth Industry Co. Ltd is a professional export video doorbell, desktop advertising machine, police law enforcement instrument and car charger. Our products combine the characteristics of intelligence and convenience, attracting a large number of customers to come to our booth for inquiry.

Let us reveal some of the most popular products.

The first one is the newly designed visual doorbell, model number V10/20/30.

The second place is the desktop advertising machine, which has a touch screen and provides charging functions for customers.

The third place is the police body worn camera, which is a must for fair and impartial law enforcement.

Next, we will focus on our translation machine products, which attract a large number of visitors to stop and experience products. It provides a bridge of communication for people's travel and business. This is a new product for customers from different countries. Especially for Japanese customers, the translation machine is ready for the arrival of the Japanese Olympic Games.

Thanks to the support of our customers, Buoth will continue to work hard to continuously introduce new products and strive to provide customers with more and better products and services.

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