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Exploring the Use of Translation Machines (3)

1. Intelligent dialogue robot interactive translation

In the current era, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly, and various types of robots have appeared frequently; there are many types of robots. When you buy a robot, you speak Chinese with it, it will reply you Chinese; if you speak English with it, it will reply you English... This is the technology that applies the language interactive translation, let you and the robot Zero barriers to communication.

2. Overseas students

As international communication becomes more frequent, there are more and more people studying abroad. When you study abroad, you will meet friends from different countries. Due to the limitations of your language, there are some obstacles to communication with your friends. At this time, we need a translator with 106 languages to help. It can help you translate the meaning of your friends and the meaning you want to express accurately and timely.

3. Intercultural family exchanges (handling immigration agencies)

There are many cross-cultural families! However, many such families begin to have barriers to communication, and the language is unreasonable. Communication is always inconsistent and troublesome. A language translator can easily solve such problems. Simultaneous millisecond translation in 106 languages allows your family to communicate with zero obstacles.

4. Travel agency (national travel)

In the past, outbound travel agencies did not have translation machines that relied on foreign language guides for interpreting. With intelligent translation machines, they can be sold to tourists according to the needs of tourists, or they can be rented to tourists in the form of rental (shared mode).

5. Shared translator mode

Like the shared WIFI charging treasure, in the future, there will be a shared rental translation machine, there will be a large number of companies or star-rated hotels with special leases.

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