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Exploring the Use of Translation Machines (4)

International trade (One Belt and One Road)

The two major trends in the development of today's world are economic globalization and the integration of regional economies. Economic development is getting faster and faster, and the links between countries are getting closer. Due to the close geographical proximity between regions, trade has become more frequent, the trend of regional economic integration has also been strengthened, and economic ties have become closer. Regional organizations such as the European Union, the North American Free Trade Area, and the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area have emerged. 

China has put forward the “One Belt, One Road” strategic concept in line with the current situation, and opened up the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” and the “Silk Road Economic Belt”. Strengthening political and economic ties and foreign trade with ASEAN, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, North Africa and Europe, the economic exchanges between countries along the way are closer and more convenient for international trade. When a trading company produces a batch of goods, it will definitely communicate with foreigners to talk about price, quality, quantity, etc. At this time, a voice translator is needed to translate the meaning of the spoken words in a timely and accurate manner. Accurate quotations to achieve the fastest cooperation.

International Exhibition

The exhibition gathers people from many countries. When foreign friends come to your booth to see and understand, they need to explain and let others know. However, due to language barriers, foreigners cannot be informed of our products in time. In this case, as long as we take out our voice translation machine, we can communicate with friends in time to let them know about our products.





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