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Know About the Translation Market

Think back to why more and more of our friends are buying voice translators. It is not hard to find that the core value of the translation machine market is increasing with the boom of the outbound tourism market and the fact that more and more Chinese begin to engage in worldwide work.

In short, there are several reasons supporting the strong rise of translation machines in the AI hardware market:

1.      The travel market is hot, and outbound travel continues to increase. In 2017, Chinese outbound tourism reached 130 million, up 7.0 percent year-on-year. Think tanks predict that the growth rate in 2018 is likely to exceed 9%. Under the premise of increasing demand for outbound travel, it is more and more popular for free travel, self-driving travel and in-depth travel. These forms of tourism all require communication with local people. However, at the same time, more and more non-English tourism purposes are being explored by Chinese tourists, and more and more Chinese who do not know foreign languages are going abroad. Demand for travel translators is growing. And the most economical and reliable way to solve this need is obviously the translation machine. 

2.      The translation needs of business scenes and professional scenes are constantly increasing. The openness and globalization of China's economy has been the subject of heated national discussion in recent years. To be honest, Chinese enterprises and individuals are increasingly involved in world trade and transnational business. For example, a fruit farmer who wants to go abroad to find a better variety of fruit seedlings must have the ability to understand the technical terms of botany and agriculture. Human translators with similar abilities are hard to find, but translators can do the trick.

3.      AI hardware becomes practical. Initially, the AI hardware we were able to purchase focused on the speaker category. After the popularization period, consumers have substantially realized the improvement that AI can bring to life, such as machine translation, face recognition, voice interaction and so on. Consumers begin to identify with new categories of hardware that can bring direct help. In this market trend, translation machine has just become the combination of fashion and practicality -- the sexy atmosphere of AI science and technology, and the real needs of outbound travel and outbound work merge together, forming the aesthetic intersection of imagination and realism. 

Overall, the translation market is continuing to rise, and consumer demand for translation continues to rise. There are even large Numbers of consumers who are starting to use the translator as a carry-on device, ready to carry it in their bags, as a standard part of their new lifestyle.

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