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Offline Intelligent Translation Technology to Achieve Breakthrough

Although major companies have entered the field of translation machines, there are dozens of translation machine products on the market. But in fact, the entire industry is studying the future of machine translation. Perhaps the machine translation products we see in the future are a translation headset, a translation pen or other wearable form.

However, no matter how the shape of the translation machine changes, its essence is always the realization of the translation function. The problem we must solve is how to achieve accurate translation in the changing natural and network environment, and truly realize the 'free travel'.

The translation machine needs to solve the problem of accurate translation and the changing environment. One of the problems that needs to be solved is how to ensure the Ai learning ability and translation accuracy of the translation machine without the network environment. Currently, this technology is still under study.

An effective breakthrough in the field of offline intelligent translation technology not only effectively solves the instant translation without network conditions, but also deeply integrates and optimizes the offline vocabulary to provide fast and accurate on-site translation needs in learning, tourism and business scenarios.

It is reported that this offline translation depth optimization technology has been successfully applied to the Buoth translation machine, once again setting a new benchmark in the translation machine industry.





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