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Recommend item---BH-T2S Translator

Introducing Buoth's model BH-T2S translator, let's take a look at the properties, features and appearance of this product.


NetWork WIFI+ hotspot
Material  ABS
Color Black,White
Traslator Size 144*56*15mm
Package Size 170*84.5*40mm
Net Weight 98.8g
Gross Weight 224.3g
Packing List Charging Cablex1,User Maunalx1,Translatorx1
Screen 2.4" Touch Screen
Resolution 240*320
Battery 1200mAh  Li-ion battery
Standby Time 7 days
Working time 6 hours

  • Wifi + hotspot multiple networking methods, simple and convenient anytime, anywhere
  • Neural network machine translation technology 0.3 second fast response, 97% translation accuracy
  • Real-time translation of 52 languages, the strongest language library
  • Support playback function, repeat listening with one click
  • Keda Xunfei + Nuance dual engine platform, the strongest speech recognition technology

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