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About Translator

About Translator

A translator is an electronic device learning machine, which uses a computer to implement the conversion from one natural language to another. Generally refers to the translation of sentences and full text between natural languages.

With the birth and rise of the Internet, since the new century, the amount of language data produced by humans has increased dramatically, and statistical methods have been fully applied.Internet companies such as Google, Baidu, and Microsoft have set up machine translation research groups to develop machine translation systems based on Internet big data, thereby making machine translation truly practical.

Since 2013, with the breakthrough progress of deep learning in image and speech, artificial neural network-based machine translation is also gradually emerging,Translation effects are getting better and better.With the development of electronic technology, the translator has also completed the transition from the original dictionary-type word translation to the entire sentence.

Buoth Voice Translator combine with IFLYTEK + Nuance speech recognition engine, combined with Microsoft + Google proprietary neural network matrix translation technology and multi-national server, translation response is faster, translation semantic accuracy is higher.

Support 106 languages to translate, multi-national accent translation can understand, and then can be easily travel more than 200 countries and regions around the world.Our translator is your best choose.





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