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Technological Breakthroughs of Translator

he biggest highlight of the translator is the leapfrogging of offline translation technology. Offline translation is not the first, but in the past it is difficult to achieve a good user experience, "offline is not smart" has become a product pain point. The Buoth translator captures the offline technology and compresses the core lexicon of more than 100G per language into a space of 120M, and re-combine the term search and intelligent association, which effectively improves the vocabulary and accuracy of offline translation. The technical achievements have been evaluated by several experts in intelligent technology and linguistics, and after thousands of users' internal testing, they have greatly surpassed similar products in terms of translation accuracy and fluency, and become the technology leader in the industry.

Technological breakthroughs are inseparable from the scientific and scientific attitude of the R&D team. In order to optimize the offline translation technology to the extreme, and to compress more of the thesaurus content to the minimum space, the R&D team goes all out and fights day and night.

On the basis of translation kernel optimization and offline technology breakthrough, the design never deviates from the "three simples" principle (the panel is simple, the buttons are concise, and the operation is simple). Material selection and button design are based on the user experience. 





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