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Three Reasons Why the Translation Machine Came Out

Regarding the translation machine, it has not been understood by netizens - "Why can be make into APP software, but have to make hardware to sell?"

Three reasons why the translation machine came out:

First, anti-noise to pick up sound, restore the real scene. The scenes that usually need to be translated are mostly noisy, and the noisy environment is beyond the hardware requirements of the mobile phone to handle the translation scenario. In contrast, the translation machine uses noise reduction and high-fidelity speakers to ensure accurate pickup and playback in noisy environments.

Second, open the translation with one click at any time. The translation machine is easier to use than the translation APP. The translator uses the NMT offline engine. It can also switch offline translations when there is no network signal. It can be translated at anytime and anywhere, even for the elderly who are not sensitive to new technologies.

Third, independent hardware, close to each other. The translation APP needs to use the mobile phone carrierwhile the mobile phone is the "carrier" of people's privacy. When using mobile phones for translation, the possibility of revealing privacy makes people inevitably have a little more attention. The independent translation hardware will make the strangers who are just in contact feel comfortable with each other. And a reasonable social distance to further close the relationship.


80% of the information that humans receive comes from vision, but 90% of the output is through voice. For machines, the fastest way to output information is to display a variety of complex (graphic, text) displays. Since the fastest way for human output is speech, it makes sense that speech is the fastest way for machines to interact with humans to receive information.


Buoth Translator T9


It must be said that this translator is more natural in terms of interaction. In terms of functions, the translation machine is aimed at outbound tourists. It not only supports instant mutual translation between Chinese and 100 kinds of global phonetics, but also supports the recognition of four dialect accents in Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, Henan dialect and so on. 
Secondly, this product also supports photo translation in multi-languages.
Thirdly, some functions such as English follow-up evaluation and AI voice assistant can be extended.






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