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What kind of translator do we need?

At present, there are a lot of translators device on the market, and the translation products are showing a trend of blooming. From the perspective of product form, the translator device is obviously convenient than translation headphones,but the translation headphones also have their own characteristics in portability. So, in my opinion, ordinary people should choose a translator device, which may be more practical.


Buoth Intelligent Translators --- Make the world smaller and easier to communicate

Although many manufacturers are promoting their own translation capabilities, in the actual evaluation, you will find that most of their product translation levels are not satisfactory. Some are due to excessive pursuit of offline translation, resulting in insufficient data and affecting the accuracy of translation. Another factor is that most of corpus used by Internet manufactures are provided by the third parties. In terms of adaptation and adjustment, there is a lack of autonomy, which is naturally compromised at the translation level. Another manifestation of translation ability lies in the number of languages supported. This requires a deep translation accumulation to achieve a wider range of language support, especially in minority languages.


Buoth Intelligent Translators---Model: T9106 Languages translator

Currently, mainstream translation products on the market support a variety of languages ranging from a few to a dozen. Here, the Buoth's translator has a very strong advantage. As a true professional-level translation machine, Buoth Intelligent Translator T9 can support 106 languages such as Chinese, English, German and Spanish. At the same time, Buoth translator from the machine translation engine,it guarantees translation speed. And it will not let you and foreigners have a feeling of delay, but will play the translated content instantly, and the experience will be better. It has considerable advantages in terms of the number of languages supported and the speed of translation.


Buoth Intelligent Translators---Model: BH-T2s

Buoth Intelligent Translators---Model: T8

This Buoth Intelligent Translator supports both WIFI connections and hotspot, ensuring the fastest connection speed and instantly updating the language database. It combines many translation platform and multi-countries server, to make sure it can translate more accurate and swift. Everyone can open unimpeded chat and communication in the translation machine, break the barriers faster and build friendship. Buoth translator is equipped with a battery capacity of 1200m Ah Li-ion rechargeable, Long Standby time 7 days, basically enough for a trip abroad.


Buoth Intelligent Translators --- Make the world seamless

In summary, an excellent translation machine should be easy to operate, accurate and fast, and can meet the three qualities of multi-scene applications. With its powerful functions, convenient operation and multi-lingual translation beyond peers. Buoth translators will stand out in the same category and become a veritable translator.





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