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Why are the translators will be popular?


In the previous article, we talked about keyword one and keyword two, which are the Belt and Road and foreign tours. Today we talk about ageing, app scene limitations, and trends in voice usage.

Keyword three: Aging

Aging means that the consumer market for middle-aged and elderly people is huge, and the demand for old-age activities is large. Most Chinese old people have a weak foreign language foundation. When they need to travel abroad, the translation machine plays an important role. However, not only is the demand in the Chinese market high, but in countries around the world, translation machines also play an important role in the travel of the elderly to the country. Intelligent translators become their best choice.

Keyword 4: App scene limit

Why do you want to be a translator instead of an app?

First, the translation machine can be used normally in places with interference and huge noise. Compared with the mobile phone's near-use scene and sound processing technology, the translation machine has higher accuracy and convenience.

Second, the one-click mode of the translator is more convenient than the mobile app to find or trigger other software, which can greatly improve the user experience.

Third, the translator can eliminate a certain psychological distance. The mobile phone uses the near-field recognition. The user needs to lift the mobile phone to another person's mouth, which will cause discomfort. The translator can solve this problem with more powerful dedicated equipment. 

In fact, there is still a fourth point, to undertake the keyword aging, that is, for the middle-aged and old, the threshold of the application is very high, and the mechanical design of the translation machine is more intuitive and easy to operate, and the learning cost is extremely low.

Keyword 5: Trends in voice usage

80% of the information that humans receive comes from vision, but 90% of the output is through voice. The fastest way for humans to output is speech, so the fastest way for machines to interact with humans is to accept information in a way that is logical. When the machine is "AI" enough, they will play a huge role when the machine can recognize and feedback human voice commands faster and more accurately. Just like the eve of the outbreak of the translation machine now, since it can be used as a link between humans and machines, why can't you imagine that it will connect everything?





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