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Why translation machines are popular ?(Ⅰ)

Keyword 1: One Belt and One Road

Today, in the globalization of trade, the Belt and Road Initiative is under intense construction as a top national cooperation initiative. Among the countries that are connected in series, what is most needed is not the English translation talents, but the compound translation talents of many small languages. The emergence of translation machines will greatly pressure the project's demand for professionals.

Driven by the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the “Year of Tourism”, the explosive growth of the entry and exit population and the increasing demand for machine translation, more and more companies have joined the blue ocean of translation machines, and the translation software is becoming more and more popular. More, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the market segmentation has already begun to take shape.

Buoth's translators focus on daily communication and learning scenarios, product channels and market stability, mature operational teams, and global operations, occupying overseas markets very early.

Keyword 2: Travel abroad & foreign tourists

Data released from the National Tourism Data Center shows 2017 China

The number of outbound tourists exceeded 130 million, and overseas consumption reached 115.29 billion US dollars. For many years, it has maintained the status of the world's largest source of outbound tourism. In addition to the overall scale of growth, line customization, free travel, and playing a niche route have become new trends in the outbound travel market.





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