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Will the translation machine replace the translator?

The level and quality of machine translation is improving and everyone can see it. However, the effect of the translation is not satisfactory, so the machine is currently not a substitute for the translator. But in the future, will the continuous development of technology make the translation machine completely replace the translator?

Some people think that the future translation machine will definitely replace the translator.
The reason he gave is because the future quantum computer operation speed will reach about 1 million times that of the fastest computer. And the time to achieve is faster than we think. And more scientific neural algorithms will be used.

Others think that it is very difficult to completely replace human translators with translation machines, and even the possibility is minimal, but machine translation will be better and better, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of human translation. The future professional translation may be the translation mode of “machine translation + manual review”.

What do you think?

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