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You must know these about the translator

The number of outbound tourists has grown rapidly, but language problems have become a problem for many overseas tourists. In fact, in addition to traveling abroad, there are still many places that need to face exchanges with foreign friends. Therefore, many people use translation machines that solve language communication barriers.

Do you know these cold knowledge and tips for translating machines? According to authoritative statistics, there are 5,000+ languages in the world, and 19 species with a population of more than 50 million, accounting for about 75% of the world's population, including more than one billion in Chinese and more than 400 million in English. Many Chinese and English are official languages, but many translators are available in 70+, 80+, 100+, and 200+ countries. The calculation method is worthy of further investigation;

People always think that the big translators are fully functional and perform better. As everyone knows, the function and performance of the translation machine are all on the chip, and the small and exquisite not only has more functions, better performance, but also can be carried around. The accuracy of translation is the core of the translator, but it is often overlooked by many people. For example, the translation of a sentence: "My heart will go on", many translation opportunities translated as "my heart is still going on." Many other translation machines have done a good job, but the response speed is always very slow. The voice has not been translated for a long time, and it is difficult to communicate with people. 


The working principle of the translation machine: sound collection -> noise reduction -> voice wake-up -> voice to text -> semantic understanding -> reply text and instructions -> text to sound -> play sound;

One-click translation is not translated by pressing the translation machine button. It is necessary to press and hold the translation button to release the voice content and release the button.

Support for 200+ countries, not just having more than 200 languages, but some languages can be used in many countries;

When translating a long sentence, it is not a matter of inputting a paragraph of speech, but also stopping the clause input;

Offline translation is used when there is no network, and there are fewer languages to translate and the response speed will be slower;

If the language of the photo translation is included in the offline translation, then the photo translation can be used normally without the network;



Language interchange, just click on the two-way arrow in the middle of the translation language;

Use the AI assistant without entering the main interface, click the AI button to use;

After the wireless network connection saves the password, it can be automatically connected next time;

Voice input or text input when entering language.





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